Roulette Xtreme 2.0 & RX BOT
Software Revisions
A full list of software enhancements and bug fixes during the product’s life cycle
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  • Casino fix: Fixed issue with Eurobet RNG Premium French Roulette table game.  RX Bot was not removing chips off the table after the wheel spins.  


  • Casino fix: Fixed issue with Cloudbet casino Ezugi table game placements of bets.   


  • Enhancement: Protect Roulette Xtreme Systems. Roulette Xtreme can now protect a system.  This is performed by copying the system and encrypting the file with an extension of ".dgp".  The original system ".dgn" is unchanged and is considered the "Master System".  The system will still work as normal, but the users will not be able to edit or view the system.  To open an encrypted syswtem, select: "Designer -> Open Protected System File" from the "Main Menu".  The system will be decrypted in memory and will function as normal.  Note:  the "Debug Mode" function will be disabled. 

    This feature is great for those who create systems and want to share or sell without the worry of their system being modified or alter.  


  • Casino fix: Fixed issue with Cloudbet casino Ezugi table game placements of bets.  


  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with RX Bot email process.  


  • Enhancement: Added the ability to change the bullet color on the Wheel Frequency window.


  • Bug fix: Fixed issue when update RX Bot database.  Was stuck and would not complete the process.


  • RX Bot: Modified RX Bot to support Betfair table formats


  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with missing “User Table” in RX Bot program.


  • RX Bot: Modified RX Bot to support the new added casinos: Live Casino - featuring Ezugi - Oracle Casino and Potomaso Casino


  • Enhancement: Added the ability to launch RX Bot on program startup.  This can be set in the Configure window.  Options Configure
  • Enhancement: Added four data file functions.  To allow an external program to place bets on layouts within the RX System and have the ability to export the last number that appears on the Marquee to be imported to an external program.  This is useful for programmers that create their own system from another program and inject the information to Roulette Xtreme and RX Bot


  • RX Bot: Modified RX Bot to support the new added casinos like: Wild Casino (US Players), Casino Gold (US Players), Roobet Casino and Casino Sanremo


  • RX Bot: Added Sportium ES and re-coded casino tables, like SNAI, William Hill, and more


  • RX Bot: Added and re-coded casino tables, like SNAI, EFBet, and more


  • Bug fix: Fixed the “Calculate Statistics Using the Last (X) Spins”  It was stuck on 1. The range is from 1 to 1000.


  • Bug fix: Internet security change and download spins were not possible.  Install new components to all download of spins from WestSpiel and RNG websites.


  • Enhancement: Improve the RX Bot update chip display process.


  • Enhancement: Improve the RX Bot database update process.


  • Enhancement: Now you can change the font size on the Marquee window from default 8 pixel to 13 for better view.  This option is available in the Configure window.


  • RX Bot: Bug fixed.  Not all casinos where loaded.  This has been fixed.


  • RX Bot: Reduced the casino load time when adding or changing a standard casino.


  • RX Bot: In preparation for the new RX Bot Builder, RX Bot will automatically compress the bot database when too large.
  • RX Bot: Add casino tables for Google Chrome only.


  • Bug fix: Fix BUG in RX Bot not removing bets from the table in Playtech casinos.


  • Bug fix: Fix format issue when printing the Bet History and Data Record information.
  • RX Bot: In preparation for the new RX Bot Builder, RX Bot will automatically reformat the bot database.


  • Bug fix: When exporting the Betting History, the column headers did not match correctly with the data.
  • RX Bot: Added BetFair for Italy LIVE Google Chrome


  • RX Bot: rework tables for BetFair LIVE Google Chrome casino


  • RX Bot: Added support for Superior LIVE and RNG casino roulette tables.  U.S. Players are WELCOME!


  • RX: Modified Westspiel download link due to casino website change.


  • RX Bot: Modify RX Bot to handle Playtech Premium & Penny Roulette tables.  These tables require Mouse Control when placing bets.


  • RX Bot: For “Fairway” casino, when collecting numbers, when a RX Bot required bet is placed, it will be 0.10 minimum bet on 6 lines instead of Red/Black.  If a 0 appears, you only lose .60 instead of 2.00.


  • Bug Fix: On Replay Session, corrected an issue with “Keep same bets” option for manually placed bets.
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue with “Dealer Change” condition statement.


  • RX Bot fix: On Evolution tables, then chips are not always present.  RX Bot will now wait until chips are present before capturing the image and displaying on the RX Bot main window.


  • RX Bot fix: fix another issue with chips not betting correctly after selecting the Configure window on some casinos.
  • Enhancement: Added RX Bot version information in the About window.


  • RX Bot fix: fix issue with chips not betting correctly after selecting the Configure window on some casinos.


  • RX Bot email: Added a Port input.  Now you can changed the port # from 25 (standard) to 587 if IP providers block the emails.


  • RX Bot email: Password changed due to site requires complex passwords.  Note:  RX Bot email may not work on some VPN tunnel programs.


  • MAJOR Bug Fix: Fix bug with RX Bot recognizing the numbers - cause was the Region settings for different countries .
  • Bug Fix:  Fix Change All button to allow changing chip amounts up to 500 units for each chip on the table.
  • Bug Fix:  Fix bug when placing a 1 unit chip on the table, it Betting history should 100 - cause was the Region settings for different countries.


  • Bug Fix: Fix bug with Undo/Redo as the numbers in Marquee where not displaying correctly.
  • Bug Fix:  Fix bug in Balance Trend/ Scrolling Adjustments - Caption title was not displaying.
  • Bug Fix:  Fix bug in Bet Options.  After clicking OK button, the selected chip would also return to 1 chip.


  • Bug Fix: Fix long standing bug on Betting History grid scrolling issues.  Now the data scrolls correctly.


  • Bug Fix: Fix some issues with Roulette Xtreme with UNDO/REDO functions and Low balance calculations.
  • RX Bot: Fix Playtech RNG European Roulette tables.


  • Bug Fix: Fix some issues with Roulette Xtreme.
  • RX Bot: Fix table changes for Betfair, Betvoyager, William Hill and LadyLuck casinos.
  • RX Bot: Added a video on how to configure Google Chrome to work correctly with RX Bot.  See video page.


  • RX Bot: Optimized RX Bot for online casino.  You MUST watch the instruction video for more information: Dublinbet How to
  • RX Bot: Add new casinos:  Magic Box LIVE and Europa Playtech RNG and LIVE.


  • Enhancement: Added a button to change ALL manual chips amounts to a different amount on the RX Bot roulette table layout.
  • Bug Fix: Fix issue with Betting Chart display when spins are passed 100 spins.
  • RX Bot:  Fixed RX Bot to match some casino table changes like William Hill UK and Italy, SNAI casino.


  • Enhancement: Added the ability to change the Chip currency from RX default of: 0.5, 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 to any amount to match s online casino tables.
  • Enhancement: Added two new columns in the Betting History (Next Bet and Risk).
  • RX Bot:  Added the ability to Match any online casino Chip currency to RX chip units. For example: if online casino amounts are 0.01, .10, .50, 1, 5, the RX chip units would be the same.  Then the user’s system could use Put .10 on Red instead of an RX chip conversion.
  • RX Bot:  Fixed RX Bot to match some casino table changes like Dublinbet, Fairway, BetFair, Voxbet.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug found when Dealer Change occurred.
  • RX Bot:  Added new casino 21Nova casino for Playtech RNG tables and LIVE casino.
  • RX Bot:  Merge all LIVE casinos into LIVE Casino group in the Select Casino window.


  • Many bug and cosmetic repairs.
  • Enhancement: Dealer Change : When importing numbers downloaded from WestSpiel casinos, when a dealer change occurs, symbol "--" is added to the file. When the user imports the file and the symbol "--" is encountered, Roulette Xtreme will treat this as a dealer change. Several functions happen, first, Roulette Xtreme will announce "Dealer Change", second, a new record is added to the Betting History denoting dealer change. No spins will be processed.   A Dealer change can also occur with using RX Bot on live casinos that support Dealer change notifications.
  • Enhancement: Remember last folder location when opening import file data. When checked, Roulette Xtreme will always remember the last folder location. This is good for loading import spins for a designated location.
  •  RX Bot:  Many casinos have changed their table format.  RX  Bot now supports them.


  • RX Bot fix: For RX Bot, improved Dublinbet chip placement.
  • Bug Fix: MAJOR bug found when modifying and creating systems.  Would sometimes cause RX to crash on exit.  
  • Enhancement: For all Statistical charts, when enlarging the chart, the title, footer, mark and axis information also increase in size for better viewing.
  • Enhancement: Added Condition statement “If Sector X has won…”  Now you can test if a Sector from (2 to 10) has hit, lost, won,etc and perform an action based on the true/false results.
  • Bug Fix: For single Zero table, the Street(0-2) was not validating correctly in the System Editor.
  • Enhancement: An option to include Date-Time stamp when saving a Session.  To add this, go to the Configure Options window.


  • RX Bot fix: For RX Bot, while placing bets on LIVE casinos, if the table is goes to “No more bets”, RX Bot will stop placing bets even though RX shows more bets to be placed.  This is especially visible when trying to cover the whole table with bets.  Some casinos have a short time to allow placing bets and RX Bot was not seeing the cut-off time.


  • Add RX Bot Casinos: Added Betvoyager - European without House Edge. This tables has increase Payout for straight-up numbers from 35 for 1 to 36 for 1.
  • Bug Fix: Fix Betvoyager tables by separating them into separate options.  There is Betvoyager - No Zero, Betvoyager - European and Betvoyager - European without House Edge.


  • Bug Fix: Fix small bug with RX Bot under Configure  User Options.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed memory issues with the Betting Trend chart when loading LARGE spins (over 10 million).  Now the chart will only show the last 10 million spins.
  • Enhancement: New feature: Betting Marquee option in the Betting History window.  Now you can view history data in the same format as the Marquee window with the current spin at the top of the grid.  This feature only supports the last 15,000 spins where as the Betting History will support all spins.
  • Enhancement: RX Bot: Add the ability to set the required minimum bet frequency from every 5 spins to user option from 1 to 50 spins. View Configure  User Options for more information.
  • Enhancement: RX Bot: Allow the casino to continue if a misread number appears.  The is caused by the roulette wheel misreading the number for any reason.  Normally, RX Bot will stop.  Now the user has the option to set it to continue.  View Configure  User Options for more information.
  • Add RX Bot Casinos: View Casino LIVE.  Same as Dublinbet casino but for UK users.
  • Improvement: For Betvoyager No-Zero table, now RX Bot will place 6 unit bet on 3u-Low, 2u-3rd Dozen and 1u on Line (19-24).  The will cause NO LOSS of $$$ per spin.  Now you can collect spins without any $$ loss.


  • Add RX Bot Casinos: Added Fairway LIVE casino (Online casino using Google Chrome browser). You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.


  • Bug Fix: Fix bug (Application crash) while performing a “Save” or “Save As” during the middle of Auto-Run process.  
  • Enhancement: Added an option in the Configure menu to only Repeat last bets from last spin or Repeat ALL bets from beginning of a session.


  • Bug Fix: Fix small bug with RX Bot.


  • Add RX Bot Casinos: Added (UK) Casino (Online casino using Google Chrome browser). You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.


  • Bug Fix: Fix small bug when displaying New Casinos for RX Bot.
  • Add RX Bot Casinos: Added Paddy Power and Mansion casinos (Playtech). You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.


  • Add RX Bot Casinos:: Support Evolution technology casino “Casino Luck” live casino.  Only supports Google Chrome Internet browser. You can view them in the Supported Casinos section and the Video demonstration.


  • Bug Fix: When using Auto-spin in Turbo mode, the system was not calculating the HIGHEST bets placed in the Summary window.
  • Enhancement: New option in Configure window: Show Clear/Repeat buttons for ALL bets, manual or system.  When this options is selected, the Clear, Repeat, 2X Bet buttons always show and will remove all bets or repeat bets from manually or system placed bets.


  • Add RX Bot Casinos: Modifications to RX Bot to support Smart Live casino. You can view them in the Supported Casinos section and the Video demonstration.


  • Bug Fix: Correct some security issues.


  • RX BOT: Added Betvoyager European Roulette Betvoyager.  You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.
  • Enhancement: Added the classic Bet Results data along with the new Bet Results data.  See help documentation for further explanation.
  • Bug Fix: When using Auto Run, the stop options “Stop on any winning bet” was not working.  This has been fixed.


  • RX BOT: Removed Instant download Betvoyager for Google Chrome.  The instant download was unstable.  Use Betvoyager DOWNLOAD version with either the classic version or the new version on their website.  You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.


  • Casino download: Fixe some tables for Hohensyburg casino.
  • RX BOT: Added Windows 8, Windows 7 AERO Theme support for Betvoyager.  You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.


  • Casino download: Added more tables to download to Hohensyburg casino.
  • RX BOT: Added additional supported online casinos. You can view them in the Supported Casinos section.
  • RX BOT: Added New Supported Online Casinos window to displayed newly added casinos.


  • Spelling change: Change spelling of Neuro Network to Neural Network due to incorrect spelling.


  • Bug Fix: Trial error when running Roulette Xtreme.  This has been fixed.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed some errors.


  • Bug Fix: Fix calculation error with Net, Win and Loss identifiers using the Add action statement.


  • Bug Fix: Access violation error with Roulette Xtreme encounters a bad license key file. A proper error message is now displayed.


  • We have redesigned Roulette Xtreme to provide you with additional new features to enhance your Roulette Xtreme experience.


  • New version BETA release.





  • Enhancement: Pressing the DELETE key will remove ALL chip amount under the layout where the mouse pointer is hovering over a placed bet.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a reported bug with changing from Normal mode and Condensed mode. The Profit/Loss description disappears. Fixed a reported bug with Exporting spins to a text file. That is Ok, but when trying to import the same text file, the results is an empty file.


  • Bug fix: Fixed a reported bug when Turbo mode is turned on and when placing manual bets in Auto-Run mode. Switch to manual mode (entering your own numbers), the manually placed bets would disappear.


  • Bug fix: Fix nasty bug. When sound is turned ON and the lady/man is announcing the numbers that have come out, if you are clicking on the Spin button very fast or importing spins and clicking on the Step button very fast, this would cause numbers to repeat over and over. Fix bug when importing Hamburg spins that were downloaded from THEIR website and you were using the Import Data/Spielbank Hamburg Format, the file would import with NO spins shown.


  • Enhancement: Profit/Loss indicator: On main window, will show the profit/loss for every spin. For example: if you place 5 units on the 1st Dozen and lost, the indicator would how -5 units, however if you won, the indicator would show 10 units. Added Graph Style option on Statistical graphs: Even Money,Dozen/Column,Street,Line and Win/Loss. There are three options: display graph data units (default), display graph in percent % of units and display graph in 3D. Add three layouts to place bets. For double zero, these are Street(00,2,3) noted as Street(00-3), Street(0,1,2) noted as Street(0-2). For single zero, these are Street(0,2,3) noted as Street(0-3) and the same as double zero Street(0,1,2) noted as Street(0-2).
  • Bug fix: Fix nasty bug when setting the delay option during Auto-Spin,Replay or Import and press cancel, system would lock. Fix bug that would cause an unexpected error in the Betting History section. There other small numerous bugs found that were fixed throughout the program.


  • Enhancement: RNG - Ability to have the system perform the standard random number generator by using the system clock or manually add your own seed number. Useful when you need to generate the same spins when testing against multiple roulette systems. Have the ability to seed the random generator once or at every new session. Pay table: You can now change the payoffs for each layout to match any specials on-line casino offers.
  • Bug fix: Fix bug when exporting grid data to files using the File/Export option. Now supports multiple file formats. (Excel, cvs, txt).


  • Fix bug in compiler when compiling a designed system without using semi-colons. The system would sometimes give a false error condition.


  • Fix Grid out of range error when viewing Betting History.
  • Fix manually removing bets from layout when trying to remove a bet that is less than the chip denomination amount.
  • Fix missing "Replay Session" option when selecting File/New while in a replay session mode.


  • Fix large font screen resolution.
  • Move manual bets to main screen. Provide easier way of placing bets directly.
  • Reengineer Auto-Spin, Replay and Importing spins. Now has a control panel with options.
  • Moved Turbo enabled option to Control Panel.
  • Now have the ability to Replay session spins using previous placed bets. Great when testing a session using manual bets.
  • Added sound when placing or removing bets from layout.
  • Added female and male voice to announce numbers that appear.
  • Now have the ability to save unfinished importing of spins or replay session. When you reopened a saved unfinished session, system will position itself at the last ending point.
  • Improved chip design and less flickering on slow computers.
  • Chips change color to match chip denomination. Units 1 to 4 are in Blue, 5 to 24 are in Red, 25 to 99 are in Green, 100 to 499 are in Black and over 500 are in Purple.
  • Better control of CPU time when placing manual bets or pause the Auto-spin, replay or importing spin process. This allows you to perform other tasks without RX being a CPU hog.


  • Fix problem with Trial version displaying Trial period has expired prematurely.


  • Fix bug in opening a previous saved session.
  • Fix bug when loading a system file and encounter an error message. The displays properly what the error was caused by. Note: Designed system files MUST always located in the "designer" folder.


  • Enhancement. Remove System Active restriction when placing manual bets. Now you can place manual bets when the Activate System is turned off. All bet calculations, win/losses, history and statistical graphs will function correctly. Fix bug in Bet Results window. It was calculating loss units in 0.5 increments. Fix bug in identifiers Found and Not Found for the Data column in data records. Example: if record "item" data is Found in record "list" data
  • Enhancement. Added the ability to place bets on Split 2-0, Split 3-0 and Line 1-0 for single zero wheel. These are only used in single zero mode only. For Line 1-0, this represent the numbers 1,2,3 and 0. A 4 line with a 8:1 win ratio. Fix bug with the identifer Any Zero Bet This was calculating bets placed on numbers that were not 0 or 00.


  • Fix bug in system editor. The negative sign (-) was not functioning correcting when using it along with a number. For example: -1, the negative sign was not being recognized.
  • Under Betting Option, when entering a number in either minimum or maximum column, the number would appear and reset to 0 when clicking off edit cell.
  • Fixed F2 - statement completion in system editor. Sometimes the statement completion window would appear in the wrong area of the program and display a list of incorrect identifiers.
  • Fix Gutter area when in debugger mode. If you turn off Guter in Editor Options, the breakpoints would appear on the edit page instead of the Gutter section. Now the debugger has its own Gutter section separate from system editor.


  • Fix crash when holding spin button down with keyboard continuously.
  • Fix bug in Turbo mode that was causing system to stop performing correctly after so many spins.
  • Added new system language functionality.
  • Remove the semi-colon restriction when add Action statements.
  • Fix bug in condition statements identifiers "Any Street Bet". Was not functioning correctly.


  • Fixed bug when using Turbo Mode. It was not updating the Betting History information correctly.
  • Partial completion of Spanish help documentation.


  • Fixed additional problems with new security Code (2) error.


  • Fixed bug in new security protection with Code (2) error.


  • Added new security protection.


  • Added new Splash screen logo


  • Completed help documentation for English


  • Fix various bugs in program


  • Fix various bugs in program


  • Added statement completion
  • Add new wheel order in Straight-up frequency


  • Fix bug in Wheel Frequency - was destroying graphic resources


  • Second wave of new enhancements
  • Ability to manual add bets
  • Wheel frequency
  • Download spins from Spielbank Wiesbaden website
  • New Turbo button - suppresses the displaying of chips to roulette table for better performance


  • First wave of new enhancements
  • Replace System Designer with New System Editor
  • Replace Trace Mode with New System Debugger
  • Replace Data Stores with Data Records
  • Expand casino minimum and maximum table limits in Betting Options


  • BETA release.