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Roulette Xtreme 2.0

System Designer with RX BOT

Allows Roulette players to design and test their own systems before trying them in a real casino world. No more spending hours with paper and pencil (or electronic spreadsheets) writing, testing and manually entering spins.

Now, you can design your system, run through the spins automatically, look at Statistics, save your spins, modify your system, and re-run until you are confident that your system will give you the results to take to the real (or online) casinos.  

And with the new RX BOT, RX will automatically play with your favorite systems on RX BOT supported online casinos.

Roulette Xtreme 2.0

Built-in System Editor and System Debugger where you can design and create unlimited types of systems.

Automatically generate random spins (as much as you desire: 100, 300, 1000, over 1 million)

Manually enter your own spins collected from tables

Ready-to-run Roulette Xtreme systems already created to download and test with your own spins

Automatically download and save spins from some live casinos

Import external spins from a text file

Statistical charts displaying various information about each roulette layout:

  • Standard Deviation and Mean
  • Minimum and Maximum occurrences
  • Number of repeats and intervals
  • Number of occurrences before and after the layout

Statistical charts expanded to include:

  • Patterns for Even Money and Column/Dozen layouts
  • Sectors - define your own sections per sector either contiguous or overlaps

Betting History, keeps track of all your spins and bets placed

Manually place your own bets to any roulette layout

Determine wheel bias test using the Chi-Square statistical test

Online User’s Guide: take a quick tour of our user’s guide

Multi-language: English, Spanish and Italian


RX Bot will automatically connects to supported online casinos, read the roulette numbers that have appeared and place bets based on the roulette system

Supports RNG and LIVE casinos.  Click here for a list of supported casinos.

RX BOT has the ability to calibrate numbers in the event of misread numbers

Converts RX unit chips to actual casinos denomination (example: Euros, Pounds)

Provides status information such as history of bets, stop options, graphical data

Built-in bet and spin delays to random place bets on table to mimic human interface

Build casino profiles for different casino chips and minimum/maximum table limits

Who uses this product?

This software is designed for Roulette players who want to sharpen their Roulette skills

Those who like to run through simulation spins and utilize the statistical data to determine frequency and patterns

System designers that want to test their own systems prior to using them in real casinos

Those who like to learn and control money management techniques

Statistical analysis who study Roulette based on theories such as Law of the Third

Those who like to play online casinos with RX Bot using their favorite systems