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RX BOT for online casinos

RX BOT works in conjunction with Roulette Xtreme to automatically play your favorite roulette systems with online casinos for real money.  

Some casinos allow FREE play so you can test your systems first before trying for real.

What is RX BOT?

It is a add-on purchase program to Roulette Xtreme that will automatically play Roulette Xtreme roulette systems to supported online casinos.  Once the program is connected, RX BOT will place any bets from the system and then either click the Spin button for RNG tables or wait for the Live dealer to spin the wheel  Then once the roulette number appears, RX BOT will read the number and pass it to Roulette Xtreme for further system processing.

If the Roulette Xtreme system is in ACTIVE mode, then the user's system will play automatically on the supported online casino according to the rules of the system.  However, if the system is in IN-ACTIVE mode, then RX BOT will be used to collect roulette numbers from the online casinos.  This process is good if the user wants to test systems with real numbers from live casinos instead of using the built-in random number generator from Roulette Xtreme.

Built on Neural Networks technology

What is Neural Networks?

The field of neural networks was pioneered by Bernard Widrow of Stanford University in the 1950s. Neural networks are currently used prominently in voice recognition systems, image recognition systems, industrial robotics, medical imaging, data mining and aerospace applications.  

For RX BOT, Neural network technology is used to recognize the online casino numbers that appear. Once recognize, the number is then passed to Roulette Xtreme for further processing.

RX BOT includes Calibration process

RX Bot also has the ability to calibrate the casino numbers and re-train the numbers using the Neural Network technology to increase number recognition in case the number fails to recognize the casino number due to various video screen issues.

This can assure that the casino numbers are read and processed correctly.

RX BOT Overview video

This is one of several videos that show how RX BOT works with different supported casinos.

Click here to view more RX BOT videos.


It is important to note that RX Bot is not responsible for any misreads or system malfunctions due to poor Internet connection or the supported online casinos premature termination. The user is FULLY responsible for making sure RX Bot functions correctly. UX Software is not responsible for any real money loss. Therefore, make sure RX Bot works very well before placing bets with real money.