Roulette Xtreme 2.0 Features
Pack with many features to allow Roulette extremists the ability to analyze roulette data and  build simple to complex systems.
Randomly generate spins or download from WestSpiel casinos.  Or even better, use RX BOT to capture spin data from online casinos.
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Main Program

The main area view is divided into 6 sections: 

  • Marquee: Displays the last 21 spins but keeps a history of all spins during a session.
  • Keyboard: Enter your own numbers and generate them at random
  • Roulette table: Displays bets that are place either manually or automatic.
  • Betting Information: Displays what bets are placed on the table.
  • Chip Denomination: Choose what type of chip units to bet.
  • Status Bar: Indicates if a designed system is loaded and active.


RX BOT is an add-on purchase for Roulette Xtreme.  RX BOT will automatically connect to supported online casinos, read the roulette numbers that have appeared and place bets based on the roulette system.

RX BOT can perform two functions:

If the system is Active:     This will play the system automatically on the supported online casino.

If the system is In-Active: This will collect numbers (spins) automatically on the supported online casino.

Betting History

The history tracks:

  • Spins: Roulette numbers derived from the spin of the wheel
  • Units: Total chip amount placed on the table
  • Wins: Total chip amount that was won
  • Losses: Total chip amount that was lost
  • Net total: Difference between Wins and Losses
  • Layout: The actual Roulette layout that bets were placed

Statistical Charts

Charts and statistical information for every roulette layout group such as:

  • Numbers - 0/00 to 36
  • Lines - 6 numbers group together
  • Dozen - 12 numbers group together
  • Splits - 2 numbers group together
  • Streets - 3 numbers group together
  • Sectors  - group of numbers in a linear format on the wheel.

Additional statistical information to calculate repeating and interval patterns plus more.

Data Records

Data records are used in a variety of ways. They provide the means to temporary store data and layout information that can later be referenced and used in a designed roulette system.

Some examples of their use are: bet progression list, spin count, bankroll balance, track the last 15 numbers, place bets from layout items in a list. The possibilities of data records are unlimited.

Repeating Frequency

With a every roulette layout there are additional statistical data such as repeating frequency that provides information on the total count of repeated appearances.

Other statistical data includes interval which displays the total count how many times a layout has not appeared since its last appearance (known as sleepers).

Wheel Frequency

Statistical data that provides information on the spin frequency based on the wheel position (either double zero or single zero).

The data is either from the beginning of a session or you can choose from the last x spins.

The blue dot represents the last spin.

Statistical Summary

Provides summary information that was calculated from other statistical views. The view is comprised of a grid which displays all layouts within the selected layout group.  Some groups are:

  • Numbers - 0/00 to 36
  • Lines - 6 numbers group together
  • Dozen - 12 numbers group together
  • Splits - 2 numbers group together
  • Streets - 3 numbers group together
  • Sectors  - group of numbers in a linear format on the wheel.

System Editor

This is where it all begins in designing a roulette system. Its uses a unique syntax highlighting that identifiers parts of the system language. Each part is color coded to help you identify the language structure.

Roulette Xtreme has its own system language. A English like syntax to help make your system easy to read and understand. Place bets directly to any roulette layout of your choice. Store data values to be used later in calculations for those complex systems. Load the many ready-to-run systems that we provide to help you understand how to design systems.

System Debugger

When creating a designed system, your source is likely to contain errors or faulty logic that alters the execution from its intended path. Debugging is the process of seeing the execution path and locating errors within your source.

The debugger allows you to step through your system to debug any problem areas that you have encounter. You can set breakpoints (areas where the program will stop) so you can inspect the condition or action statements.

Download Numbers

You can directly download roulette numbers from Spielbank Wiesbaden website through our download tool. The real casinos records all roulette numbers from their tables daily and you can download these numbers by date range. 

You can combine spins by date range and/or table into one filename for a large collection or save them as individual date and tables.


Provides a configure Roulette Xtreme to your personal touch.  Such as:

  • Keep track of x number of spins for chart statistics
  • How to display to marquee
  • Default locations for saved sessions
  • Have voice options
  • Set background colors
  • Set random generator options

Plus more.

Wheel Analysis

Displays the graphical wheel to identify if a roulette wheel is bias.

To determine if a wheel bias is perform by using the Chi-Square statistical formula which analyzes thousands of spins to determine a Pass or Fail.

Balance Trend Chart

This trend chart displays a trend analysis to your starting bankroll (in units) and number of spins during a session.

It also show the average bet over time.

Bet Results

Statistical data displaying the number of times a number or layout hit Won or Loss.

In addition, it shows the highest and lowest bet made on that number of layout and net results.

Bet Options

Allows you to set options such as beginning balance, rules like Le Partage, En Prison) and casino minimum and maximum limits.

Statement Completion

When creating a system using the System Editor, this feature Is a very powerful tool that helps you to create the correct programming syntax which helps eliminate syntax errors. The list contains system language identifiers that are used to build a complete statement sentence.

To view the statement completion window, press the “F2” key.

Manually place bets

Chips in various denominations that allow you to override your system or just have the ability to place manual bets to any roulette layout.

Great for manually testing spins against your bets.