UX Software will be CLOSED from April 27, 2018 to May 6, 2018 for the holidays. If you purchased Roulette Xtreme and sent us the license key registration form during this time, we will generate and send the license key on May 7, 2018. Thank you.

UX Software estará CERRADO del 27 de Abril de 2018 hasta el 6 de Mayo por los días de fiesta. Si comprases a Roulette Xtreme y nos enviases el formulario de inscripción del clave de licencia durante esta vez, le generaremos y le enviaremos al clave de licencia el 7 de Mayo. Gracias.

UX Software rimarrà chiuso dal 27 Aprile  2018 al 6 Potrebbe  per le vacanze. Se avete acquistato Roulette Xtreme e ci ha inviato il modulo di registrazione chiave di licenza durante questo tempo, ci generare e inviare il codice di licenza il 7 Potrebbe      Grazie.   


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Transfer License Key from ver. 2.3.x.x of Roulette Xtreme

You can only request a transfer to a new license key if you are using an old version of Roulette Xtreme and the new version requires a new license key.  

For Support assistance, please email us at

If you do not receive an email within 48 hours, check your SPAM or JUNK folder.  Be sure to give us an accurate email address or we cannot communicate with you.

Instructions for requesting a transfer from an old version to a new version license key.

You must provide the original version 2.3.x.x 16 character serial number of Roulette Xtreme.

The information you provide will be verified against our database.  Your email address MUST be the same email when you purchased Roulette Xtreme or RX BOT.  

All information must be correct, if not, then your license key may be prolong or denied. At that time you will then have to purchase another copy of Roulette Xtreme or RX BOT.

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